Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Mother Earth" is out now!

"Mother Earth" is out now!

You can order it from me now trough Pay Pal. PayPal
Get your copy

After 2 weeks it will be available trough CD Baby and iTunes.

Also I will try to send CD's to

Hello to all my friends!
After a long two years, I have finally finished and released my new all Guitar Instrumental Progressive Rock Album called "Mother Earth".

The idea for the album and the songs came from the problems with global
warming and the planet being destroyed by ourselves ...
I have no intention to preach Green Peace ideas, but I do not deny that I
am passionate about these problems. I decided to connect my art with this theme which
has to be the most important in the public space.. (I dream it). That
is how the name of the album was born.

The album is entirely composed, recorded and mixed by me.
It contains 11 songs again that are arranged thematically.

Described with several words, this is the well-known style of my music. Guitar Instrumentals with Progressive Rock touches!
I have always given meaning to the details in music, not just achieving my goals through technical matters.

You can download some of my guitar chains-patches in my web site - the sound patches section. Also Very soon I will provide backing tracks to play with.

You can purchase the CD from my web site through Pay Pal . After a few week it will be available in CD Baby and Itunes

Samples at my web site . There are also two full songs.

I hope you will like the music made by me!

With much respect,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oligarc and Aradaz Green Amp Sounds

Hi guys!
Today I have recorded some demos for my friends from

In this demo I have used Oligarc and Aradaz Green Amp :
"Its An Aardvark Eat Turtle World" MP3

This two clips are again with Aradaz Amp but there is a little secret FX that is coming from
"Whats that out there in the fog?" MP3
"Light Through the Cloud"MP3

I hope you will like it! :)

Best Regards

Friday, August 29, 2008

MY Ibanez RG 450 FULL Customization

Hi guys! Just want to show you my old RG450 fully customized by a friend and luthier in Bulgaria.
I hope you will like it!

Here is his official web site

Here is the guitar before the procedure

and now

Best Regards,

Monday, August 25, 2008

My new Guitar Tube Preamp from AMT Electronics SS-20

Hi guys!
Just received my new Guitar Tube Preamp from AMT Electronics "SS-20"
Here is VERY quickly recorded demo to show how it sounds without any special tweaking.
All guitars are recorded DIRECT using the cab simulated output of the Preamp. No additional processing with EQ or Compression.

I will post more sound clips and review for the PRE

The Features of SS-20:
- High-grade high-voltage feed of triodes.
- Complete elimination of operational amplifiers traditionally used in hybrid preamps
for sound amplification and processing.
- Application of special semi-conductor amplifiers modeling triode-based harmonics and
providing signal amplitude necessary for high-grade valve operation.
The architecture of SS-20:
–Ttwo high-grade channels CLEAN and DRIVE with the possibility of Drive-channel operation
in two basic modes: moderate sensitivity (CRUNCH) and high sensitivity (LEAD).
– Effects Loop Send and Return.
– Operation via both direct unaltered signal for guitar amplifiers heads, combos,
and speakers (OUTPUT jack) as well as speaker cabinet compensated output for mixing consoles,
computers, or other recording devices.
The SS-20 uses the original cabinet emulator, however, ONLY in direct out mode!
It models the amplitude-frequency characteristics of guitar amplification systems
for the most accurate reproduction and ease of recording direct. Secondly,
it simulates own nonlinearity of dynamic head peculiar to instrumental loudspeakers,
that in its turn colors the output signal with short-range harmonics making it live and closer to real.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Solo guitar setting from the song "Abandoned"

Hi my friends!
Here are The Solo guitar setting from the song "Abandoned"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aradaz Green Amp on my song "Terrestrial Paradise"

Hi friends! Here is the preset of my song "Terrestrial Paradise"
I'm using Aradaz Green Amp and it is so great! It has great attack and dynamic !
The Tal Tube is after the amp for more volume .

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Solo settings of my song "Fairy Tales"

A friend asked me of my
solo settings of
my song "Fairy Tales"
of my new album "Mother Earth"
Using Juicy77 Freeware Vst Amp.
Here is an audio sample from the song:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Terrestrial Paradise" from my new album will be featured on the Guitar Idol 2008 CD release.

The track "Terrestrial Paradise" from my new album will be featured on the Guitar Idol 2008 CD release.
The album will include songs from all 12 finalists, and six other selections. Here is the unconfirmed album track list:

Gustavo Di Padua (Brazil) - Second Floor
Jas Morris (UK) - Revelation
MattRach (France) - Monophonic
Andre Noronha (Brazil) - Never Give Up
Ben Randall (UK) - Before The Rain
Silvio Gazquez (Argentina) - Far Away
Daniele Gottardo (Italy) - Guitar Sbrego
Gustavo Guerra (Brazil) - Track TBC
Denis Vlachiotis (Australia) - Imperishable Ferocity
Tom Quayle (UK) - Identity Crisis
Peter Petchalov (Russia) - You're The Best I Know...
Masahiro Aoki (Japan) - Spirits
Muris Varajic (Bosnia) - Junk Melody
Fernando Miyata (Brazil) - Track TBC
Marc Playle (UK) - Track TBC
Chris Feener (Canada) - The Eccentric Hillbilly
Lyle Watt (UK) - Swirly Strat Jam
Dimitar Nalbantov (Bulgaria)- Terrestrial Paradise

The idea of my new project "Mother Earth"

"The Only Place Where We Can Live"
Hello my friends! I just finished my second all-instrumental guitar album.
It's called "Mother Earth" I hope you enjoy it.

The idea to release my new project with title "Mother Earth" is The Global Warming.

We can make a difference!

Global Warming. Yes, it may appear in the news more so these days but what's the reason? Is it down to more environmental groups making us more aware or is it down to the scientists and governments who are becoming concerned?

So what is Global Warming?

Carbon Dioxide builds up in the atmosphere from fossil fuels, industry, transport etc. The percentage of carbon dioxide in the air is very small but since the Industrial Revolution at the start of the Twentieth Century, millions of tons of this greenhouse gas have been released into the atmosphere.

Coupled with the melting polar ice caps, Global Warming is having a more disastrous impact on the Earth and our lives than we can possibly imagine.

If the forests of the Earth are not protected and allowed to rejuvenate so they can reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, then the Earth will not recover...


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Full track "Abandoned Place" from "Mother Earth"

Hello dear friends!
The second album is ready!
Here is the full track from "Mother Earth"
I hope you will like it!

p.s it is not mastered yet and 101% mixed.
I'm waiting my MBOX ProTools - hardware-software to master the 10 tracks.
Also I'm in search for someone with good ears to help me in mastering the tracks :)

Warm Regards
Dimi N

Friday, July 25, 2008

Using again Aradaz Crunch amp!

Working on side collaboration project at KVR audio forum and using again Aradaz Crunch amp.
It sounds great! Check it out!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My usual crunch solo setting with Aradaz Crunch Amp.

I will edit and write more these days

First I look at the things that are more important when I start to build the song. The solo or the rhythm. Then I analyze the sound and start from that impression.

Solo guitar:
Most of the time i cut a lot from the low end on the solo guitar track and maybe add a little around 7-8 kHz. It helps to cut trough the mix.
Some times I cut around 3-4 kHz because I hate these frequencies on my solo guitar sound.
Also I don't compress the solo guitar. Most of the time I play with hi-gain settings and it sounds already compressed.

Here are my usual crunch solo setting with Aradaz Crunch Amp.

I'm using GClip to add some more gain to the input. My hardware pre is my Line 6 Tone Port GX

You can see the EQ and my Delay and Reverb settings too.
This is the chain patch for Reaper

Rhythm guitars

I record two rhythm guitar tracks and send them in a group. Then some very soft compression and maybe an EQ.
I use this rule: If my main solo is more in the middle range I cut the rhythm guitars around 500 Hz or around there.
If my solo is scooped with a lot of highs I use round and full - middle range sounding rhythm guitars to fill the spectrum.

Here is a VIDEO with these settings

YouTube Version

"Abandoned Place"

Just finished the song "Abandoned Place" the last song from "Mother Earth"
Some of the drums was changed and used my new Ibanez RG2550 to re-record some of the main melody parts.
Now it is time to take some rest before master the songs in Reaper or maybe in ProTools LE. Will see...:)

The solo guitar is recorded with Aradaz Amp Crunch. Then added some delay and reverb.

I hope you will enjoy it!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ibanez RG2550E

Just got my new Ibanez RG2550E. Bought it trough Ebay from different people.
It was built and constructed from separated parts.

The bridge pickup is DiMarzio Breed
The output of the breed bridge pickup is mid-high output.
It's fantastic balanced ! Mids are strong, trebles round , basses tight and not muddy ! It's fairly compressed sounding.
Harmonics are easy to get!!!

This Prestige series Ibanez guitar is the best Ibanez guitar that I've found the last years. I like very much the sound. It is bright and ringing, somehow round but clear and articulated and it sounds way better than my RG550 build in 1991.

This RG2550E is build in 2005.
I love it! :)
Here is short video playing with the guitar.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is my New Blog

Hi guys! This is my new Blog ! I will post quick news about my new album and my gear.

The new album is almost ready , I'm working on the last two songs. Some final touches here and there.

More about the "Mother Earth" here at the blogger. Stay tunned!

Best Regards,