Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ibanez RG2550E

Just got my new Ibanez RG2550E. Bought it trough Ebay from different people.
It was built and constructed from separated parts.

The bridge pickup is DiMarzio Breed
The output of the breed bridge pickup is mid-high output.
It's fantastic balanced ! Mids are strong, trebles round , basses tight and not muddy ! It's fairly compressed sounding.
Harmonics are easy to get!!!

This Prestige series Ibanez guitar is the best Ibanez guitar that I've found the last years. I like very much the sound. It is bright and ringing, somehow round but clear and articulated and it sounds way better than my RG550 build in 1991.

This RG2550E is build in 2005.
I love it! :)
Here is short video playing with the guitar.


Laurie Monk said...

Hey first comment! I subscribed to rss!

Dimi said...

Hi Laurie!
Glad to see you here :)


Subber said...

Hi Dimi,

have fun with your new guitar! I'm still looking for a RG770DX from the early 90's ... but ibanez did a reissue this summer. perhaps I had to buy this one if my search for an original is unsuccessfull.


Dimi said...

Hi oliver!
Yeah I saw that Ibanez did a reissue this summer. It should be a great guitar...RG770DX looks awesome!