Monday, August 25, 2008

My new Guitar Tube Preamp from AMT Electronics SS-20

Hi guys!
Just received my new Guitar Tube Preamp from AMT Electronics "SS-20"
Here is VERY quickly recorded demo to show how it sounds without any special tweaking.
All guitars are recorded DIRECT using the cab simulated output of the Preamp. No additional processing with EQ or Compression.

I will post more sound clips and review for the PRE

The Features of SS-20:
- High-grade high-voltage feed of triodes.
- Complete elimination of operational amplifiers traditionally used in hybrid preamps
for sound amplification and processing.
- Application of special semi-conductor amplifiers modeling triode-based harmonics and
providing signal amplitude necessary for high-grade valve operation.
The architecture of SS-20:
–Ttwo high-grade channels CLEAN and DRIVE with the possibility of Drive-channel operation
in two basic modes: moderate sensitivity (CRUNCH) and high sensitivity (LEAD).
– Effects Loop Send and Return.
– Operation via both direct unaltered signal for guitar amplifiers heads, combos,
and speakers (OUTPUT jack) as well as speaker cabinet compensated output for mixing consoles,
computers, or other recording devices.
The SS-20 uses the original cabinet emulator, however, ONLY in direct out mode!
It models the amplitude-frequency characteristics of guitar amplification systems
for the most accurate reproduction and ease of recording direct. Secondly,
it simulates own nonlinearity of dynamic head peculiar to instrumental loudspeakers,
that in its turn colors the output signal with short-range harmonics making it live and closer to real.

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Mark Buckingham said...

Hi- any idea how this pedal sounds into a regular guitar amplifier?