Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello dear friends! I'm happy to report that The New Album 'There is something else' CD Will Be Available From July 10th!

You can download two full tracks here:
Dome Of Heaven Remembrance
I want to thank all the friends I met on the forums and all the amazing guitar amp vst plugins creators. The biggest spiritual support came from all the letters that I received.There is nothing more inspiring than to know that somewhere at the other end of the earth is a man who feels what you do. The process of creating the album was incredible experience and each day I wanted to rip each small part of my soul. In recent years I went through life's obstacles which only solidified my desire to create more music that makes our souls to grow at a high level. Ultimately, we are part of the whole universe and our task is to create love and goodness. I think everyone is in touch with the universe and that is a part of our destiny. Music tune our bodies and makes us to do more good! I hope these 11 songs will touch your soul! Head over to pre-order. You will get a signed jewel case CD.

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